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Morgan Elizabeth Taylor is an 11-year-old seventh grade student at C.M.Eppes Middle School in Greenville, NC. She co-wrote Daddy’s Little Princess with her dad G.Todd Taylor because she wanted other little girls to believe that they can be Princesses regardless of race. Their non-fiction picture book introduces real Princesses and Queens of color from around the world. Their book has been featured on Today Online, Teen Vogue, Huffington Post, Yahoo News and a host of others. 


Morgan is an avid reader and loves all things artsy. She's taken Hip Hop and Ballet for several years. Morgan isn’t sure what she wants to be yet when she grows up, but she knows she wants to do a lot and help other people.


She has numerous accolades and was awarded Youth of the Year in 2019 in her city and currently serves as Miss Pre-teen NC International 2020. She lives in Greenville with her mom, dad and “little bother” Garrett McConner.

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